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Useful things to know about Hello Hackney IT drop-in and podcast

Senior digital learners at Whitmore Community Centre
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Have you got a phone, tablet, or any other digital gadget that you don’t quite understand?
We can fix it at our weekly drop-in.

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Discover new ways to use your phone or tablet.
Our drop-in workshops will help you become more creative and more independent

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Do you need help understanding the Internet?
What's good? What's safe? What isn't?
Learn how to use it safely and sensibly with us

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Learn and share with other people like you.
Our long experience shows that
it's the best way to learn.

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Learning about new technology should be a community activity - not isolated learning at home. We help each other at the digital drop-in.

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The Digital Drop-in is a co-designed grassroots project - developing a successful digital and social inclusion model for more than 15 years

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We have an outstanding volunteer team of older people with more than 100 years of Internet experience between them - supplemented by teams of enthusiastic younger professionals.

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You might be excited by the Internet, you might be confused or irritated - but if you have already had a life without digital technology, our community drop-in project will help you get used to it.

COVID-19 — permanently suspended at Whitmore Community Centre

15 March 2020: it doesn’t matter now that the Internet service at Whitmore Community Centre has failed. We cannot resume anywhere until the COVID-19 crisis is over.

6 March 2020: What we thought would be a brief interruption now looks like a major obstacle. There has been no Internet access since the end of January. It will be restored eventually, but we don’t know when. Meanwhile we can develop our activities elsewhere, and signpost you to other possibilities that we discover.

How to contact us

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Where and when

IT drop-in venue
IT drop-in days and times
  • Every Monday afternoon, 2 to 5 pm.

Web addresses

The drop-in blog (you are looking at it now)
The main website (our shop window)

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How we protect your privacy on this website

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Antecedents, management & funding

  • From June 2019 until January 2020, the IT Drop-in at Whitmore Community Centre was partially supported by Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing Association (owners of the premises).
  • We were assisted for more than 18 months by funding from Connect Hackney. During that period (January 2017 to July 2018), the project reverted to deficit-based practice and was managed by City & Hackney Carers’ Centre.
  • From September 2014 until December 2016, our primary base was Open School East (now moved to Margate).
  • This longterm project evolved out of Hackney Silver Surfers from 2005 until July 2015 — gradually establishing a separate social inclusion identity at different venues from 2011. When The Lawns finally closed in 2015, we had already found a stable centre for an independent asset-based future. Some of the original 2005 cohort are still involved.