Video blasts from the past

We are sometimes asked what happened to the old videos. The answer is “We’ve got them all — somewhere”. So here is proof that that they haven’t all been lost. Plenty more where they came from, even if we are not quite sure exactly where.

The Matthias Road Years

Story of Tumble

This was a six-week co-design project combining culture, heritage and music — with the experiences of Hackney oldies and the design skills of the RCA graduate students. This video contains snippets from several of the weekly workshops.

Taste of Hackney

Playlist (3 videos). Margaret, Victoria and Josh in Ridley Rd. It was the final event of the intergenerational project.

Illuminating Hackney

Conversation at the end of a long digital walk around Hackney.

The Open School East Years

Parallel Radio

Playlist (2 videos). Conversations about music and memory. Two different views of how we made the first episode of Parallel Radio for Resonance FM. The first is a report by a trainee journalist. The second is by someone was an active participant, and is easier to watch.

Black History Month Party 2015

Playlist (6 clips). This was the biggest and best of the annual events. More than 70 people turned up.

Christmas Party 2015

Playlist (4 clips).

Tuesday Afternoon Parties

This seems to be the only surviving clip of the monthly parties at Open School East.

Seeing ourselves, Showing ourselves

One of the outcomes of a digital photo project. These photos are by Helen Cammock. Video compilation by Rick.

I am Hackney – Memories on a loop

Animation by Kim Noce.

Deborah Pelling at Open School East

Hackney Stream

Clips by Deborah, who was an inspiring volunteer and contributor.


What is community?

Open Cinema project at Open School East

24Hour Hackney: a City Symphony

On one day — 24 people chose a different hour, and then made a one-minute video clip somewhere in Hackney on whatever device they happened to have. The final clip does not show much of Hackney, but it was a good try.