What we did – 22 November 2017

We thought the session would be quieter than usual because a clashing event had drawn away some of our regulars. But we were almost overwhelmed by the number of people who did turn up. We can’t claim it was the highest attendance yet because we lost count after 30. Next week we will expand into the community centre’s newly refurbished IT Room — with new desktops for 8 people and space for up to 4 other users and volunteers.

Special thanks to volunteers Ajay & Bradley (from Carey Group) and Olly from Mace Group, via Benefacto – and our regular volunteers Derek and Michael.

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The atmosphere is nice

My helper

When I come to drop-in center I really enjoy myself.

The atmosphere is friendly, you meet people have a chat.

When I come to the drop-in center I have learned how to switch the computer on. I can go to you tube where I can see how to knit  crochet, play games and learn more about the  computer.

To day is a very busy day at the center there are people coming going every minute the bell rings.

What we did – 18 October 2017

Today’s hero is Wadley — learning IT and sharing what he already knows a lot about. Wadley is a genius in the kitchen — fed everybody with his own Saltfish-&-Ackee recipe (plus yellow yam, plantain, and dasheen).

Also special thanks to volunteers Cathy and Gemma from Bernstein Alliance, via Benefacto – and our regular volunteers Charlie, Derek and Michael.

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