Reaching out with a live stream

This 15-minute episode was part of a much longer (85 minute) rehearsal for combining a Hello Hackney podcast with a live radio stream. We were talking about ways to develop the podcast project, but we were also experimenting with ways to manage people and noise in the community centre.

The missing 80% of the conversation was often very interesting – but also off-topic or would have been inaudible to a live audience.

The voices belong to: Andreas, Dane, Irene and Rick. Four other people contributed to the live rehearsal, but are not heard on this episode.

Recorded 4 May 2018. 15 minutes.

Frontline funding for social inclusion

Hackney elders discuss difficulties of obtaining funding for frontline social inclusion projects.

The voices belong to: Andreas, Cornelia, Irene, Martin and Rick.

We don’t use expensive professional equipment or a sound studio. Our resources are minimal, but we do it all ourselves — oldies own the process.

Recorded 16 March 2018. 22 minutes.


This episode has been edited and published out of sequence, and is much shorter than the original conversation. Reason: it was part of a road map of what to do if funding for the drop-in project ended in March. As it happened, we secured a three-month reprieve.