Hello Hackney Podcasts

Curve Garden suspended until summer

Hackney oldies in conversation with everybody else

We start multi-generational conversations that would otherwise not happen — real stories from anybody who happens to be near us, and is willing to talk about it to a friendly, supportive audience.

A real story is something that has actually happened to the speaker. It could be a major event or a trivial incident. It could be any time — yesterday or 50 years ago. Just tell us about it.

Our purpose is not to make a brilliant podcast or radio show. The purpose is start an ongoing community conversation in the real world.

Is the glasshouse the best place to do it?

Arguably not! The podcast can only work if we have fresh voices regularly, and it’s not happening. The glasshouse is too small, too confined and other occupants don’t always want to join in.

New approach in the covered area?

The covered area between the entrance and the glasshouse might be a much better location. It has far more space and offers more opportunities for people to join us.

Of course it would present more challenges (the bar is often noisy), but our tests with wireless radio microphones suggest how we might overcome that problem.

However — it  could be done only in warm weather. We are discussing this idea with Curve Garden management.

Meanwhile we have stopped Monday afternoons — and we will start on Talking Food, a new podcast/radio project on Friday afternoons at Whitmore Community Centre.

The Talking Food podcast

There will be more info in your email box soon. Here are the basics …

  • It will be a major development of the previous intermittent Taking Food Radio (2011 to 2013). The emphasis will be on food as culture.
  • The Whitmore Community Centre Meeting Room has been booked 2 to 4 pm from Friday 26 April until the end of May.
  • During those initial sessions, we will make a pilot podcast and short radio episode that will support a bid for Culture Seeds funding.
  • If that bid is successful, we can make a much more ambitious show that could include booking space to revive 50+ the IT drop-in.
  • The pilot would incorporate all the elements that we would bid for — not just talking about food in one venue — hopefully also doing it in food-relevant spaces, making food, photography, maybe video too — always thinking about the project sub-theme “who do you feed?”

How did you get here?

You probably tapped on a link in one of our SMS text messages. We send these text messages only to people who have consented to receive them, and to certain other people who have shown a specific interest in what we do.

You may withdraw your consent at any time, and our SMS text messages will stop immediately. Please ask a helper at one of our sessions, or send an email to helpteam@hellohackney.net, or reply to our SMS text message with the word STOP.