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Breaking News - Community IT Drop-in needs your help to find new home.

A real-world social network.

First things first.

If you have arrived here from Twitter, you will be pleased to know that our Community IT Drop-in is also a social network, we have hundreds of followers and users — and we exist entirely in the Real World. It’s a place where real people meet and talk face-to-face. It’s run mainly by older local people — not as a service, but as our way of promoting social inclusion and community cohesion.

The place can change, but not our values.

We have had an excellent venue for the last three years — but we can’t do much without Internet. It feels like time for a change, and that is why we need you. Somewhere, probably not far away, there is an underused or disused space that would be perfect for this long-term, thriving community asset. We don’t know where it is, but you do.

What would it look like?
  • Reasonably close to an adequate bus route (many of our regulars can’t walk long distances).
  • Ideally — close to the Stamford Hill – Stoke Newington High St – Kingsland Rd – Shoreditch High St axis through Hackney. But other areas might be even more ideal, and it certainly does not have to be in Hackney.
  • Ideally — a hackable space, waiting for some community enthusiasm and commitment, not overseen by a local authority.
What could we bring?
  • Instant community engagement, especially with people who have decades of experience of community dynamics.
  • If you like the idea of digital inclusion, some of us have decades of that experience too.
  • Resources for an oven-ready community computing project — human (users, supporters, volunteers) and digital (hardware, software) — perhaps an Internet connection too.
  • Grassroots energy — universally acknowledged as the most effective antidote to a funding gap.
When could this happen?
  • Pre-COVID-19, we could have suggested ‘tomorrow’. Everything is different now. It might be some time before we can revert to the Drop-in as we have always known it — the opposite of Social Distancing.
  • A return to the full-scale drop-in may be weeks or even months in the future. Many of us are carers of vulnerable people, or are vulnerable ourselves.
  • Meanwhile, we could create small-scale low-risk activities (eg- for up to 8 people), and maybe act as a hub for online contact until this is all over (we do have some useful experience of GSuite Meet for that purpose).
How to contact us.
  • Email (best) —
  • Phone — 07761 887927
  • Twitter — @HelloHackney
Senior digital learners at Whitmore Community Centre
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Have you got a phone, tablet, or any other digital gadget that you don’t quite understand?
We can fix it at our weekly drop-in.

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Discover new ways to use your phone or tablet.
Our drop-in workshops will help you become more creative and more independent

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Do you need help understanding the Internet?
What's good? What's safe? What isn't?
Learn how to use it safely and sensibly with us

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Learn and share with other people like you.
Our long experience shows that
it's the best way to learn.

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Learning about new technology should be a community activity - not isolated learning at home. We help each other at the digital drop-in.

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The Digital Drop-in is a co-designed grassroots project - developing a successful digital and social inclusion model for more than 15 years

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We have an outstanding volunteer team of older people with more than 100 years of Internet experience between them - supplemented by teams of enthusiastic younger professionals.

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You might be excited by the Internet, you might be confused or irritated - but if you have already had a life without digital technology, our community drop-in project will help you get used to it.