Sounds revolting but isn’t

Savoury Bread and Butter Pudding (serves 4)

8 slices of Bread

4 slices Mature cheese

2 Tomatoes (sliced)

3 eggs (beaten)

Wholegrain mustard

Spread bread slices with wholegrain mustard

add cheese slices together with tomato slices as if making a sandwich

cut each “sandwich “ into four pieces

place “sandwiches” into ovenproof dish and pour on egg mixture

Bake at Gas Mk 6 for 20 minutes

Make a suggestion

I would like to see an on-line forum for computer users in Hackney, that can be accessed by computer users at home.

  1. This would encourage people to use their computers at home.
  2. Purchase a computer and broadband to use at home rather go to a centre to use one.
  3. Encourage 24 hour use of the computer when it is convenient, rather than wait to attend a formal group.
  4. Extends the length of support that can be given to 7 days a week, by volunteers able to be logged on, when they were available.
  5. Encourage social cohesion, reduce social isolation and reduce loneliness.

Campaign to End Loneliness

The Campaign to End Loneliness inspires thousands of organisations and people to do more to tackle the health threat of loneliness in older age.

We are a network of national, regional and local organisations and people working together through community action, good practice, research and policy. We want to ensure that loneliness is acted upon as a public health priority at national and local levels.

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