Update on my Blog

Good morning to you all at Whitmore Community Centre.

The morning drop-in Whitmore community Centre is a very nice place to come to learn all about how to use a computer  also to use a lap-top and a tablet. We have  a team of volunteers to help new people when they first come to learn about IT.

The classes are held every Wednesday morning from until

First Year Anniversary

Good morning to all at the Whitmore community centre in Phillip Street Hackney N1.

I am writing to tell everybody at Whitmore how much I enjoy coming on a Wednesday morning each week to use the Laptop and check my inbox so that I can send my e-mails to Family and Friends.

Also the people who came here are very nice and I also like to help new people when I can. I am sending my congratulations to the team that run this event.

Best wishes from Patricia

Suggest a one line invite to IT Workshop

I am hoping this will be a start to design a card to invite carers to register with Hackney!

What would you put on a card, to give to people you meet that YOU meet who are Carers, to encourage them to come to the workshop?


I would like to invite you,to come to the IT workshop, where I learn about how to use computers and phones myself.

On the Back would be:

Wednesday morning 10-1pm

Whitmore Community Centre, 2-4 Phillipp St, London N1 5NU