Age of no retirement

The Age of No Retirement is a movement for intergenerational action and new opportunities for citizens, workers, businesses and communities of all ages – working together to challenge the narrative of division and difference and create a new age of unity and hope where our age, younger or older, does not matter.

Our goal is simple. To create a world where our age does not define us. Shattering age related barriers and ageist stereotypes. Creating an age inclusive future.

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Hackney elders – seen and heard

Hackney elders talkingWe are oldies, talking about what we know, what we have seen, what we have done – real experiences and real stories. We record our conversation, then we put a shorter, edited version on the Internet.

We make podcasts because we think older people in this area have unique insights about the world changing around us – and there is no point keeping it to ourselves.

We talk – other people listen and take notice. It’s fun, very effective, and we would like you to join us. You don’t need any technical skills to make your voice heard.

We don’t use expensive professional equipment or a sound studio. These are open-mic recordings in a public spaces, so sound quality is sometimes rough. Our resources are minimal, but we do it all ourselves — oldies own the process — since 2010.

Keep scrolling down! The most recent published episodes are below (and there are usually at least 10 in post-production, waiting to be published).

Safety, health and wellbeing first

20 March
  • We have made a new website for all our online events. It’s called 50+ Digital –
  • We have passed all our resources to local charity MRS – Independent Living
15 March
  • The Community IT Drop-in is still alive, but we do have to change the way we operate. Your safety, and the safety of your family, now has absolute priority.
  • All our drop-in and podcast activities have stopped at Whitmore Community Centre. We don’t know when we might return.
  • We are now investigating ways of delivering those activities online. This is not in any sense a technical challenge. We have the resources and experience — but we are determined to maintain our Real World First ethos.