Monday afternoon digital drop-in

What you can do at the digital inclusion drop-in

The drop-in is a social event — so you don’t have to worry about your technical skills. If you are not very good, you will fit in perfectly. Just come! Carers are especially welcome, and so are the people they care for. We occupy two large spaces and a kitchen, not only the single room shown in the video.

IT help – laptops, tablets, phones, anything digital

  • Have you got a digital gadget that you don’t quite understand? Bring it to the drop-in. Our large volunteer team will try to answer all your questions and solve all your problems.

IT support – digital learning – use our computers

  • You don’t have to bring your own gadget. We have a cupboard full of laptops and tablets for you to use and learn on. They have all been set up specifically for older beginners.

IT guidance – safety, privacy, confidence – using the Internet

  • The Internet is a strange place if you have never been there before. Our volunteers will explain it, and help you use the Internet safely.

Community learning and sharing

  • The best way for you to learn about computers, Internet and mobile technology is to do it in the company of other people like yourself. That is what the drop-in is for.
Senior digital learners at Whitmore Community Centre
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Have you got a phone, tablet, or any other digital gadget that you don’t quite understand?
We can fix it at our weekly drop-in.

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Discover new ways to use your phone or tablet.
Our drop-in workshops will help you become more creative and more independent

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Do you need help understanding the Internet?
What's good? What's safe? What isn't?
Learn how to use it safely and sensibly with us

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Learn and share with other people like you.
Our long experience shows that
it's the best way to learn.

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Learning about new technology should be a community activity - not isolated learning at home. We help each other at the digital drop-in.

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The Digital Drop-in is a co-designed grassroots project - developing a successful digital and social inclusion model for more than 15 years

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We have an outstanding volunteer team of older people with more than 100 years of Internet experience between them - supplemented by teams of enthusiastic younger professionals.

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You might be excited by the Internet, you might be confused or irritated - but if you have already had a life without digital technology, our community drop-in project will help you get used to it.