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50+ IT Dropin contact
  • Email –
Hello Hackney pop-up podcast

Where and when

50+ drop-in venue
50+ IT drop-in days and times
  • Every Wednesday morning, 10 am to 1 pm.
Hello Hackney podcast base
  • St. Mary’s Secret Garden, 50 Pearson St, E2 8EL
  • It’s at the end of Pearson St, on the corner with Appleby St – a short walk from Kingsland Rd – not far from Whitmore Community Centre, even closer to the Geffrye Museum.
  • The nearest station is Hoxton.
  • Bus stops: St Leonards Hospital or Geffrye Museum
  • Click on this link to go to a Google map for St Mary’s Secret Garden
Hello Hackney pop-up podcast days and times
  • The Garden is a pop-up base, not a drop-in venue. We will be there often, but not every week. Please confirm by email:
  • But when we are at the Secret Garden, it will be Tuesday afternoons from 2 pm.

Web addresses

The drop-in blog (you are looking at it now)
The main website (our shop window)

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Management & funding

The Hackney 50+ IT Drop-in was kept alive for more than 18 months by funding from Connect Hackney. During that period (until 25 July 2018), the project was managed by City & Hackney Carers’ Centre — for all older people in this area.