What we did – 13 December 2017

Despite life-threatening weather, we had another full house (25 – 30 people) as usual.

Volunteer Tom and project lead Sallie were inconvenienced by weather side-effects. Here’s the ICT Room consolation video …

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The Meeting Room consolation messages were even more effusive.

Special thanks to volunteers Charlie and Lauren (lurking in the video background) from Mediacom via Benefacto – plus our regular volunteers Derek and Michael.

What we did – 6 December 2017

Whitmore Community Centre has upgraded the Internet connection. It’s faster and supports more devices. Thirty people using it, no problems that we noticed, but plenty of life-affirming personal successes.

Special thanks to volunteer Tosin from Financial Conduct Authority via Benefacto – plus our regular volunteers Derek, Michael, Tom and new volunteer Liz.

What we did – 29 November 2017

The 50+ drop-in has expanded into the ICT Room at Whitmore Community Centre. The desktop computers are new — installed yesterday — and an Internet service upgrade will follow soon. So the project is using two spaces at WCC. Both were full today.

Special thanks to volunteers Alice from Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Jacqueline from Financial Conduct Authority and James from Mace Group, all via Benefacto – and our regular volunteers Derek, Michael and Tom.

What we did – 22 November 2017

We thought the session would be quieter than usual because a clashing event had drawn away some of our regulars. But we were almost overwhelmed by the number of people who did turn up. We can’t claim it was the highest attendance yet because we lost count after 30. Next week we will expand into the community centre’s newly refurbished IT Room — with new desktops for 8 people and space for up to 4 other users and volunteers.

Special thanks to volunteers Ajay & Bradley (from Carey Group) and Olly from Mace Group, via Benefacto – and our regular volunteers Derek and Michael.

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