Talking Food Radio – 2 minute intro

A podcast about sharing food and knowledge

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Talking Food Radio has been offline for 6 years. This is how we could start it again.

  • We can make a pilot show now …
  • … then bid for Culture Seeds funding …
  • … to create a more ambitious show combined with IT drop-in.

How will that work?

  • The radio show will be about food and everyday life (that’s culture).
  • Making the show will be about online participation and inclusion …
  • … and understanding the Internet

Talking Food Radio 2019

Talking Food Radio

A new Hello Hackney podcast about food

This is a direct descendent of the old 2012-2013 Talking Food project. It won’t be the same project, because we are going to start where we ended 6 years ago — and then develop it into something far more valuable that we hope will bring a bit more funding. We will explain at the first Talking Food Radio session after Easter — Friday afternoon, 2 to 4 pm, 26 April — at Whitmore Community Centre.

Share what you know and what you can do

The concept is very simple – every week, a group of (mainly) older people meet to talk about food in their culture – how food fits into everyday life – sharing knowledge in the same way we share food at the table. It can be live Internet talk radio, or recorded for a podcast episode, or both.

Some of those discussions can be led by invited guests. If the podcast venue has a good kitchen, we can also make photos and video of food preparation and cooking.

The podcast (and other materials from the first four sessions) will be the pilot for a funding bid. We will make the bid, and then wait for a response. If the bid is successful, we will start immediately on the main Talking Food Radio project — weekly sessions throughout July, August and September.

Who should join Talking Food Radio?

If food is part of your everyday life, you are welcome. Where you live and your age are not relevant. Nor do you have to be a great talker. If you like our ideas, please come to the first Talking Food session …



  • Friday afternoon, 26 April, 2-4 pm
  • Then all Friday afternoons in May, also at Whitmore Community Centre.

How to ask for more information, or make suggestions

  • Email:
  • Phone: 07761 887927

By the way

  • This Friday afternoon project is not an IT drop-in. It’s much more interesting than that.
  • If you want to learn about the technology, and how you could do it yourself — we can help you as part of the project, but not before we have completed the pilot.
  • Please don’t bring biscuits, cake, or anything like that (unless you have made it yourself).

Older people, digital technology and the web

When the World-Wide-Web was invented 30 years ago, it was supposed to be about contact and communication between people – creating new opportunities, expanding horizons.

That positive outlook still exists, but is often side-lined by entirely different values – of marketing, consumerism and exploitation. When we make podcasts, we assert our own values, our own human skills of talking and listening – and we make an active contribution to the web instead of passively soaking up what is already there.

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Talking Food Takeaway

Rewind your food memory to May 2012

Do you remember the Talking Food live radio show at the old computer centre? Here’s a refresher …

Considering the acoustic qualities of the centre (dreadful), the standard of our equipment (bottom of the market) and our budget (zero) — that radio show worked really well — it was live, we did it all ourselves, we had a full house every week, and it was a lot of fun. There was quite a lot to eat as well.

Seven years later — the equipment available has greatly improved, and we have a possibility of modest funding — so a Talking Food Radio Revival is top of the Hello Hackney to-do list. We will start after Easter.