Reaching out with a live stream

This 15-minute episode was part of a much longer (85 minute) rehearsal for combining a Hello Hackney podcast with a live radio stream. We were talking about ways to develop the podcast project, but we were also experimenting with ways to manage people and noise in the community centre.

The missing 80% of the conversation was often very interesting – but also off-topic or would have been inaudible to a live audience.

The voices belong to: Andreas, Dane, Irene and Rick. Four other people contributed to the live rehearsal, but are not heard on this episode.

Recorded 4 May 2018. 15 minutes.

Safer Hackney

Hackney elders are talking about feeling safe in Hackney, the apparent epidemic of violent crime between youth – and what elders can do to help.

The voices belong to: Andreas, Cornelia, Irene, Josh, Ken, Maralyn, Megan, Sallie.

Recorded 6 April 2018. 45 minutes.

Abraham Badru links

Pets against loneliness

Our episode blurb

Our Hello Hackney guest is Lyn Ambrose, who has just launched a new community project: Pets Against Loneliness (PAL).

Lyn’s vision: “We are a group of volunteers bringing together older members of the community who may feel isolated, with well-behaved dogs and their owners, for the purposes of joy and the alleviation of loneliness for all”.

Lyn is not here just to talk. She is here to listen to your ideas on how to make the project work.

Do you think this is a great idea? Do you know anyone who might like to go to PAL activities? Do you know anything about animals (not just dogs)? Would you like to be a PAL volunteer?

What we did

PAL founder Lyn Ambrose and PAL volunteer Nick gave us a succinct overview of the project, what they have done so far, and what they hope to achieve in future. The conversation was about human society, not just abut dogs and other animals. We think this episode has captured the essence of their vision.

The voices belong to: Andreas, Cornelia, Evelyn C, Irene, Liz W, Lyn (PAL), Mimi, Nick (PAL), Rick and Walter.

Recorded 23 March 2018. 38 minutes.

PAL – contact info

PAL – where and when

  • New Unity Unitarian Church, 39a Newington Green, N16 9PR
  • First Saturday of each month, 10 to 12 noon.

Frontline funding for social inclusion

Hackney elders discuss difficulties of obtaining funding for frontline social inclusion projects.

The voices belong to: Andreas, Cornelia, Irene, Martin and Rick.

We don’t use expensive professional equipment or a sound studio. Our resources are minimal, but we do it all ourselves — oldies own the process.

Recorded 16 March 2018. 22 minutes.


This episode has been edited and published out of sequence, and is much shorter than the original conversation. Reason: it was part of a road map of what to do if funding for the drop-in project ended in March. As it happened, we secured a three-month reprieve.

“If we stop, the world stops”

Hackney elders gather to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018, and to discuss the relevance of feminism in the lives of younger generations as well as their own.

The voices belong to service users and volunteers at the Hackney 50+ Drop-in: Andreas, Cornelia, Irene, Mimi, Patricia and Sallie.

Recorded 9 March 2018. 29 minutes.

Mentioned in the episode

Can you remember your first job?

We have started a conversation about older people and work.

Can you remember your first job? First job as a school leaver? First job after arriving in the UK? Your worst job? The job you most want to talk about? Has your work formed your identity? How do you feel about retirement?

The voices belong to service users and volunteers at the Hackney 50+ Drop-in: Andreas, Martin, Peter, Rick, Sallie, Saul.

Recorded 2 March 2018. 29 minutes.