What we did – 19 December 2018

Special thanks to volunteers Cliff, Jacqueline, Miriam and Tina from Digital RealtyFCAMJ Mapp and Willis Towers Watson via Benefacto – plus regular volunteers Derek, Gene, Margaret, Michael and Tom.

My parachute jump

Irene with her youthful instructor, both wearng parachute gear. They are on the ground after landing, still attached to the parachute cords

On 21st of May I had one off the best days of my life. My family came with me to Headcorn airfield to see me jump out of a plane.

i would love you to feel the rush it gives you, and if I could afford it I wouldd be there every week as it is so good fun. My family think that I am mad, as I do drag racing and go-carting, having fun in my life.

What we did – 21 February 2018

As an added activity, we asked everybody to complete the BBC Loneliness Experiment survey, and to test the new Skype number for the podcast. It was impossible to count the successes, but it kept everybody busy.

Special thanks to volunteers James and Terence from Baringa via Benefacto – plus our regular volunteers Michael and Tom.

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I have been to Jamaica and I have enjoyed myself

Hyacinth in the water, with her arms around a dolphin's head

I went sightseeing I also went to Port Royal and Dolphin cove and travel to some of the country parts which is amazing.

The weather was horrible: rain and rain and more rain until we were ready to leave!

The food was lovely all kind of different dishes lots of different drinks.

The plain ride was terrible too much turbulence its like the plain was going to crash. Well any way we came back safe thank to the Lord we reach very safe on land. We meet all kind of nationalities there. There nothing more to say.