What makes me happy

Having good health and being able to do my daily routine without pain.

Meeting new people and making friends.

Learning a new skill like knitting and sewing.

Visting my community member and taking her to the park.

Being a compassionate neighbour.

Having family reunions and established and sustained connections.

This is an ‘update’ – if you’d heard the news in the first place…

Here is proof-positive of the remarkable healing abilities of animals – dogs in particular.

A couple of Saturdays ago; as many eyes were glued to ‘a’ wedding on the TV, my little mutt (on the left in the picture) was being squished under the wheels of a Range Rover.

She spent a week stablising at the (wonderful) Harmsworth Animal Hospital in Finsbury Park:An RSPCA run hospital, as you may know. She was eventually to undergo an extensive and lengthy surgical procedure:The details of which, I shall spare you.

Her name is Bella, and she is well on the mend, if still a little affraid of crossing the road

Do you own an Ipad?

Recently I had to help out someone transferring files (photo and videos) to a Windows laptop PC.

Unfortunately Apple has changed the software for Ipads over version 10, so now the Windows driver software cannot cope. You can still see the internal memory on the Ipad, you just cannot save to it, or get files from it.

So apart from a USB lead which plugs into the Ipad and the USB socket on the PC (same as the one you use for charging the Ipad from a USB charger), you now need to download and run some software on the PC.

There are several programs on the Internet that allow you to transfer files without using Apples Itunes running on the PC, including those that are charged for.

But one of them is Free and I have used, it is called “EaseUS MobiMover”, which allows you to transfer files both ways to and from the PC.


You download and run it on your PC, connect your Ipad and away you go.

Hackney Hackathon Free Tickets 12th June 2018

Dementia Friendly logo -Alzheimer’s Society

Dear Friends

If you are available it would be great if you could attend the “Hackathon” in the London Borough of Hackney “Techy” week.  As you have an understanding and experience of the challenges of your loved ones and people you care for on a daily basis your input would be invaluable.

The people attending are from a variety of tech companies and they have been set the task to come up with simple Information Computing Technology (ICT) solutions to make life easier, e.g. booking a train ticket, buying groceries on-line, banking…

Please use the link below to book your Free place, or let me know and I can book it for you.  I will be there on the day, giving an introduction to the task.


I  look forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes

Sandra Cater                                                                                                                                  Hackney Dementia Friendly Community Coordinator

Alzheimer’s Society
Unit 1
30 Felstead St
Hackney Wick
E9 5LG
020 8533 0091

My parachute jump

Irene with her youthful instructor, both wearng parachute gear. They are on the ground after landing, still attached to the parachute cords

On 21st of May I had one off the best days of my life. My family came with me to Headcorn airfield to see me jump out of a plane.

i would love you to feel the rush it gives you, and if I could afford it I wouldd be there every week as it is so good fun. My family think that I am mad, as I do drag racing and go-carting, having fun in my life.

D-Day Dodgers

You’ve heard of D-Day, but do you know about the D-Day dodgers?

Did you know that the Eighth Army together with the US Fifth Army made the first European landing in Sicily before the D-Day of June 1944. The Eighth Army was comprised of many soldiers from many nations, including Africa, Morocco, West Indies, India, New Zealand.

The Nickname “D-Day Dodgers” originated when Nancy Astor, MP referred to them as such and is commemorated in a song by the Platters.

Ever the pioneer…

How tickled I am to be here…misses,

“You can never step into the same river twice.” They say; and so it is with the ever-developing nature of the delights that Sallie and Rick strive to bring to the good people of Hackney.

What does it matter that there are new things to get one’s head around to people who have weathered many the storm on their journey here today?

Let’s then celebrate those journeys and the fact that ‘weathered’ they have been.

I, for instance, have retraced the steps of kings, battled with the multitude, crossed the thoroughfare of commerce and of industry – and wrestled with bears, to get where I am right now. And that was only this morning.

No matter what the future may hold – Bring it on! I say.

What say you?