Wednesday drop-in

Wednesday made a difference for me in learning about computers. This will help me in life. Thanks for this drop-in to help people getting on in life. Thank you for this drop-in where people can understand about computers. May it grow from strength to strength.

Sounds revolting but isn’t

Savoury Bread and Butter Pudding (serves 4)

8 slices of Bread

4 slices Mature cheese

2 Tomatoes (sliced)

3 eggs (beaten)

Wholegrain mustard

Spread bread slices with wholegrain mustard

add cheese slices together with tomato slices as if making a sandwich

cut each “sandwich “ into four pieces

place “sandwiches” into ovenproof dish and pour on egg mixture

Bake at Gas Mk 6 for 20 minutes

Make a suggestion

I would like to see an on-line forum for computer users in Hackney, that can be accessed by computer users at home.

  1. This would encourage people to use their computers at home.
  2. Purchase a computer and broadband to use at home rather go to a centre to use one.
  3. Encourage 24 hour use of the computer when it is convenient, rather than wait to attend a formal group.
  4. Extends the length of support that can be given to 7 days a week, by volunteers able to be logged on, when they were available.
  5. Encourage social cohesion, reduce social isolation and reduce loneliness.

happy wednesday morning at whitmore drop in centre

I have been coming to whitmore drop in centre for nearly a year now, but before I came here. I first went to the lawns in in newington green to join the hackney streamers age uk to learn about computers and lap-tops as a silver surfer.

When the lawns closed down I went to open school east in downham road to continue my classes,then they closed down.but I was told about the whitmore drop in centre.

I really enjoy coming here to continue to learn. All the people who come here are very nice. What is really important to me is that I can send e-mails to my grandchildren and receive e-mails from them and look up on the website.

from a very happy silver surfer

Hello Wednesday

I come here on Wednesday morning and I learn how to switch onto the computer.also to search for different things also how to send an email and then how to check for a reply.

How to check my email:

Click on Compose.

Then write in the email address in To.

Add a Subject, for example ‘Check the weather’ or if you are going out ‘Here are the directions’

Write your message and don’t forget to put your name!