A new year – the same old me.

I am very happy to be back it is very tough to remember what I had learn so I have to start from beginning, nevertheless i will try my best to remember what i have learnt. It will take time.

I hope it would not take too long.

My Idea is to try and keep my mind on what I have learn to make it much easier for my tutor as it is more people they have to see to during the morning.

Old story

I had a Television sometimes it will work and another time it would not. Then a friend told us to kick it when we did it work.

We had a vacuum cleaner the one that was like a broom. you never had any problem like these new eletric tools. which you have to pay insurance.

In days gone by when your tools gone wrong you would take them to the repair shop to get them mended.

Always learning

I like coming here to the drop in center. I have learned how to  use the computer; how to switch on and off when i finish.

I know how to send an email also to check if have some.  Also with a little help to search for anything on the internet also the weather.

Glad to be here…

Good morning All

It is nice to be here compare to last week.The weather is much better no snow just rain it is cold.

You can move around without thinking where to step no fear  of falling over at the moment.I am please with myself coming to the drop in center which I am very glad to be here.

Windy Morning

Hello every one

It Is a very wet and windy morning.

I manage to come out to my Wednesday  morning session at the Dropin centre

It was  different from the usual lesson it was to learn the basic word processing which  was very helpful


My weekend.

I had a lovely week end all my family to visit,

I take them all to church which was all different  from in which is diferent from  their own, and they enjoy it.


More about me…

I come to the drop center on  Wednesday to learn how to use the computor also to know how to send an email also how  to check to see if  I got a reply.

I think coming is very helpful to elderly  people as most of us are  very glad  to have a place like Whitmore community Centre who  have  a  plenty of helpers to show you what to do therefore I wii  encourage  everyone who is willing to learn it is very interesting it is a very happy circle.

Good to be back

Happy New Year to all my readers.

I had a very nice Xams all my family was there to make it   more enjoyable. Iam very glad to be  here  again with all my  colleagues , who I work with.

It is very happy circle ever one makes you feel at home.  makes it more enjoyable and it make the day   interesting..

My Tutors are ver helpful and understanding.

Catherines week

i go to many different classes. on Monday I do yoga  which is very helpful and helps with my knees.

Then on Tuesday I do  Aerobic then I do Tai chi  then i do knitting.

On Wednesday I come to the drop in centre to learn how to use the computer and how to send an email.