Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and Electric Vehicles in Hackney

From 25 October 2021 (2 years time) the ULEZ boundary will be extended to create a larger zone bounded by the North and South Circular Roads. If you are driving any petrol or diesel vehicle within this enlarged area you will also need to meet new tighter emissions standards or pay a daily charge.

The ULEZ would see vehicles that do not meet emission standards will incur a daily charge to drive within the zone, ranging from £12.50 for some light vehicles, up to an additional £100 for some heavy goods vehicles which do not meet the Euro VI emissions limit. That is all of Hackney.

The mission seems to be to drive all but electric vehicles off the road, without having the electric charge points or the cars available to cope with the change in 2 years time.

Drivers within the expanded zone using non-compliant vehicles will pay a daily ULEZ charge of £12.50, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even if they are parked (£4,562.5 per annum). These include:
• motorbikes that do not meet Euro 3 standards
• petrol cars and vans that do not meet Euro 4 standards (roughly the equivalent to not being more than fifteen years old for cars in 2021) From 2006!
• diesel cars and vans that do not meet Euro 6 standards (roughly the equivalent to not being more than six years old for cars in 2021) From 2015!

The only alternative is to buy an all electric vehicle, as Hybrid Vehicles will be charged as above.

With only three Rapid (50Kwh) charging points in the whole of the Borough, I costed out how much it will cost you to do a full charge on the available all electric cars and from the specs and what the range would be before re-charging.

Ford Focus Electric – 33.5 kWh £10.05 + £1.8 = £11.85 full charge in less than one hour, 115-mile range.
Volkswagen e-Golf – 35.8 kWh £10.74 + £1.8 = £12.54 full charge in less than one hour, 125 miles of range
Nissan LEAF – 40 kWh £12 + £1.8 = £13.8 full charge in less than one hour, 151 miles of range

The other Source London charge points are at 3kwh (the equivalent of a 13 Amp socket from your home supply) or 7kwh only, so it takes more time to reach full charge and you may end up paying an overnight charge as well as the charges below.

CarSource London 3kw HoursCost £ + over night £8.64Source London 7kw HoursCost £ + over night £8.64
Ford Focus Electric11.1712.064.795.17
Volkswagen e-Golf11.9312.895.115.52
Nissan LEAF13.3314.405.716.17

You can see Hackney’s plans to cope with this here

I also checked on Clacton-on-Sea, Essex which does not have a single charge point in the whole town.

The only one is outside town in a ASDA supermarket, 1.3 Miles out of town centre and it has only two 7kw charger cables. So your would have to leave your car in a supermarket parking space over night.

To see where chargers are in your area use zap-map.com here 

The Loop at Pembury Furniture re-use Hub

The Loop at Pembury is a community lead, not for profit, furniture re-use hub.
The team of dedicated staff and volunteers collect, repair and sell it at reasonable prices.

Each sale provides training for Hackney residents as well as reducing furniture going to landfill.
You can help by:-
1. Buying items at the shop (items can be delivered for a £10 charge).

2. Volunteer to gain skills and enjoy working with the team repairing and re-painting furniture.

3. Donate unwanted furniture to give it a new lease of life.

The Loop is located on the Pembury Estate near Hackney Central (in the Garages opposite 16 Tolsford Road) London E5 8HH, Telephone: 07506741929.

Map The Loop at Pembury
Opening times 11am-4pm Monday to Friday and some Saturdays.
You can also email them on pembury.reuse@groundwork.org.uk

Hackney Fixers

The Venue is:

The Redmond Community Centre, Kayani Avenue, London N4 2HF

Saturday, January 19, 2019  12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Where you can get Electrical items and other items fixed for FREE.

This is to stop them going to Landfill, as part of Sustainable Hackney.

British Gas no longer read Gas meters

I have been informed by British Gas customer services that they will no longer will send someone round to read the gas meters. Even Vulnerable customers on their “Priority Register”

If the customer wants an accurate bill they must:-

  1. Read the meter every quarter and then ring British Gas to tell them what the meter reading is.


2. Get a Smart meter fitted, which will give British Gas lovely statistics about your daily Gas               use, so they can target their advertising using your personal data.

They introduced this change in August 2018, just after increasing their prices for the 2nd time this year, without telling anyone!

This means you now work for British Gas, until you get a smart meter!

Stephen Adams

PS They also deny EVER having read ALL the gas meters in the UK on quarterly basis!

Hackney and TFL want to change Stoke Newington High Street

Hackney and TFL want to change Stoke Newington High Street, to make it both ways working including two cycle lanes. It would also make Rectory Road and Manse Road both way working including the 67 Bus route down these roads.

This will effect ALL the bus routes and car, lorry etc transport to and from Dalston, KIngsland Road etc.

There is a meeting today at the Methodist Church at 3pm on Stoke Newington High Street to discuss the plan with residents, but it does not seem to have been well published.

As the High Street is part of the A10 in and out of the City of London.

There is also three road closures and changes to the direction of traffic flows in the local streets which might create rat-runs.

Please attend, even if it is only to get information on the proposed changes!


Social Communicationlists
SOCOM for short
Definition: Skype groups set up by people who feel socially isolated to have a chat with similar others.
Non encumbered by advertising, interruptions or public.
A Private group with a public purpose, groups members have to be invited on to the group.

Background: Communication has been proved beneficial by test groups, but I cannot find anywhere that has set up the idea of encouraging the use of them to reduce social isolation. This is the biggest problem for carers.
1. You need a permanent platform, i.e., somewhere to sit and chat privately.
2. You need an email address as well as Skype, to set up an ID and communicate outside the Skype group to set up times to chat etc. Please be able to respond to emails within a reasonable time.
3. You need a Skype account, which is free if you operate from Broadband or WiFi. Mobile accounts will charge you for the data you use (which is considerable).
4. The software is free. It is available for Apple and Android as well as Linux and Windows PC.
5. You need someone to act as the “Host”, to make sure the other members can connect to each other.
6. Skype is a video conversation so you will need a camera on the computer you use.
7. The rest of the rules is up to you.

Anyone interested in setting one up should contact Stephen Adams at nbnsadams@hotmail.com