Hackney Fixers

The Venue is:

The Redmond Community Centre, Kayani Avenue, London N4 2HF

Saturday, January 19, 2019  12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Where you can get Electrical items and other items fixed for FREE.

This is to stop them going to Landfill, as part of Sustainable Hackney.

British Gas no longer read Gas meters

I have been informed by British Gas customer services that they will no longer will send someone round to read the gas meters. Even Vulnerable customers on their “Priority Register”

If the customer wants an accurate bill they must:-

  1. Read the meter every quarter and then ring British Gas to tell them what the meter reading is.


2. Get a Smart meter fitted, which will give British Gas lovely statistics about your daily Gas               use, so they can target their advertising using your personal data.

They introduced this change in August 2018, just after increasing their prices for the 2nd time this year, without telling anyone!

This means you now work for British Gas, until you get a smart meter!

Stephen Adams

PS They also deny EVER having read ALL the gas meters in the UK on quarterly basis!

Hackney and TFL want to change Stoke Newington High Street

Hackney and TFL want to change Stoke Newington High Street, to make it both ways working including two cycle lanes. It would also make Rectory Road and Manse Road both way working including the 67 Bus route down these roads.

This will effect ALL the bus routes and car, lorry etc transport to and from Dalston, KIngsland Road etc.

There is a meeting today at the Methodist Church at 3pm on Stoke Newington High Street to discuss the plan with residents, but it does not seem to have been well published.

As the High Street is part of the A10 in and out of the City of London.

There is also three road closures and changes to the direction of traffic flows in the local streets which might create rat-runs.

Please attend, even if it is only to get information on the proposed changes!


Social Communicationlists
SOCOM for short
Definition: Skype groups set up by people who feel socially isolated to have a chat with similar others.
Non encumbered by advertising, interruptions or public.
A Private group with a public purpose, groups members have to be invited on to the group.

Background: Communication has been proved beneficial by test groups, but I cannot find anywhere that has set up the idea of encouraging the use of them to reduce social isolation. This is the biggest problem for carers.
1. You need a permanent platform, i.e., somewhere to sit and chat privately.
2. You need an email address as well as Skype, to set up an ID and communicate outside the Skype group to set up times to chat etc. Please be able to respond to emails within a reasonable time.
3. You need a Skype account, which is free if you operate from Broadband or WiFi. Mobile accounts will charge you for the data you use (which is considerable).
4. The software is free. It is available for Apple and Android as well as Linux and Windows PC.
5. You need someone to act as the “Host”, to make sure the other members can connect to each other.
6. Skype is a video conversation so you will need a camera on the computer you use.
7. The rest of the rules is up to you.

Anyone interested in setting one up should contact Stephen Adams at nbnsadams@hotmail.com

Hackney Fixers Map

I went to the Restarters event at Leytonstone today, to see what it was all about.

I found that they made up a list of people who attended and wanted things fixed.

In order they came in they were given access to a repairer with the specialism in the repair they wanted.

It is all done using volunteers, for Free.

The successes were also listed on the wall.

A similar event is going on in Hackney at StokeNewington Library  in Church Street on Saturday 22nd September 2018 starting at 12:00 hours.


They have also produced a online map showing repairers with a 80% or above satisfaction rating.


Aspirin could cure Alzheimers Disease, but it is not being prescribed.

It seems the Alzheimers society cannot comment on a situation which would help
suffers, I have found this forum which has a medical trial on Aspirin
(Salicylate) dated 2015!
Its title is Aspirin cures Alzheimers!

The Society still says there is NO treatment for Alzheimers and NO cure
for Alzheimers, despite these results showing exactly the opposite!

I have just contacted the Alzheimers helpdesk on 0300 222 1122, and they refused
to commit on a comment about the news in the Metro today about a drug  which might provide some benefit to Alzheimers patients. There is also nothing about the research on the Website.
As you both know my wife is in the last stages of Alzhemiers, so this is disappointing as she does not have the years to wait for even more clinical tests.

As far as I can see there is no restriction on prescribing one Aspirin Tablet a day,as  it has already passed its drug tests for safety and is recommended for  heart patients to be taken daily to improve their well being.
I have had to ask my doctor whether she will authorise the  prescription on the basis that it can do no harm and might benefit  Cornelia’s condition before she dies.
Report in 2018
See https://www.rush.edu/news/press-releases/can-aspirin-treat-alzheimers
It might aid people in my wife’s situation to get it tried out, before  people DIE of the disease with NO intervention.

I say again it requires NO CLINICAL TRIAL to give a known, tested drug
for another purpose (i.e.. saving life) as it would have no other
impact on the patient (already proven).

IT what does it mean?

IT is short for Information Technology.

That is the Digital technology that involves computers, electronics, Artificial Intelligence and Google.

Here at the Drop-in we specialise in Computers and Mobile phones, explaining what they are and how to use them.

Analogue technology is something we all already know about, including shaking hands, walking, reading newspapers etc. It is not digital.

You are welcome to walk in without an appointment from 10-1pm on Wednesdays.

I have found a new simpler way to make a phone call

I and a lot of others get frustrated by the smart mobile phone, which can soon get overwhelmed by the complexity of it, just to make a phone call.

So I downloaded a program called “Speed Dial Lite”.

It allows you to set up a picture board of buttons with large photographs on it.

Pressing your picture that you recognise, and it immediately dials the number from your contacts,

No more hunting up and down lists.

You can then see the same picture in the telephone app and drop the call by pressing the red telephone symbol if you want to stop the call.

Ask for a demo from Stephen on Wednesday if you want to try it out.

It is on Google for Free, so you can download it and get a son or daughter to set it up for you if you wish. You will need a photo of the person you want to call on the phone.