Music is powerful!

Music is very soothing when you listen  to it. It is powerful, music alone shall never die, all other things shall perish under the sky and break with our tears. When we are alone when our love ones have gone music helps and brings back good memories.

When mother rise a blessing no matter where you go you never miss your mother’s love until she’s buried beneath the clay.


Food for thought

I of great men will remind us that you can make your life sublime on the parting left behind us, by the foot prints on the sand of time.

Stand up and play the game, for when the great scorer comes to write against your name, he comes not how you won or lost but how you played the game.


while you are growing learn all that you can or you will be sorry when you are a man.

labour for learning before you grow old for learning is better than silver and gold.

silver and gold will vanish away but a good education will never decay.


Unity is strength where we all work together in love and peace because we are part of the same family regardless of what nation you come from.  This is planet earth.  One day we are going to leave it it to next generation.

happiness is joy

Happy. What makes you happy is when you wake in the morning and see the sunshine it gave joy that the maker give health whitout health we are caring for pain we  cant happy happiness is peace and love that we  can help each other

Large family

I am an indian born in the west indies. My grandmother called Bandoo came from Bombay. She married a gentleman from Jamaica where my mother was born. The name of my mother is Estel and she has ten children. My family is very large.