The Weather

OK , so i was wrong about Wednesdays always being sunshiny , here we are at the Whitmore and it’s raining , well like they say you can’t have everything.

Did i mention last week about the frogs in my pond , well there’s loads and the noise they make is loud ,another thing i noticed is whenever i go near them they all rush to what side of the pond i am at , now whether its to protect the spawn or just curiosity and they want to get a look at the strange species looking down on them is academic , mind you i could google it .

Most of my blogs concern things happening on my Allotment you say , well i spend a great deal of my time on it and there is a multitude of things ongoing.

Apart from the pond i have a feeding station for the birds , it’s nice to sit having a cup of tea and watch them there are mainly Blue and Great-Tits get the odd Chaffinch ,Longtail Tit, and i do get a lot of the larger birds but i tend to shoo them off because they eat everything and the smaller one’s don’t get a look in.

Robins tend to attack the other birds , to them the station is apart of their territory and the sparrow gets it the worst they really don’t like Sparrows .

Found another dead Hedgehog , think the Fox got it , lost one in the shed fire and one got into the pond and could’nt get out , don’t see very many Hedgehogs so i’ts sad when we find a dead one.

Time for a cup of something bye,


Sunny Wednesday

Well i’ts Wednesday and the sun is out , seems like it always shines on Wednesday, or so it seems to me.

Since i started writing in the blog i have noted this phenomenon even with all the cold nasty weather its been out each time i sit down at this computor and i think i have remarked on it.

So much for that now , something of interest i mentioned i have lots of spring plants out on the plot ,but this week my pond was alive with frogs and they have been spawning looks like a bumper year for frogs.

Had to cover the pond because the fish and the frogs has attracted a heron and i believe he’s been eating my fish and i’d hate to lose the frogs and their spawn.

Tea time so bye for now ,talk to you again next week all being well.


Broken bisquits

Broken bisquits, now that takes me back a bit.

When i was much younger and not long after i had left school, i went to work for British Rail at their Goods depot in Park Royal and worked as a tailboard monkey, correct name being vanboy.

One particular lorrydriver i worked with made pick-ups from Mc Vitie and Price the famous bisquit maker, not all their bisquits made it to the shops because they got broke and on Fridays these were sold to their staff and as we were regular visitors to the factory we were allowed to buy them too.

They came in a big brown paper bag and i would say there was a couple of pound of assorted broken bisquits.

Now this being early 50s sweet things were still on ration so it was nice to take them home for the family.

So much for this flash back and on to today.

Well it a beautiful sunny morning, hope it stays like it,

for i shall be off to the plot, get meself muddied up and sow some more seeds.

Noticed last time i was there the gooseberry bush had started to green up, it’s always nice to see this because you know that things a waking up after winters long sleep its a good feeling.

Tea time so bye for now talk to you again next week.


Its Wednesday

Hello everyone another week has gone by , its been a quiet time for me , mainly because of the cold weather i did venture out mainly for a bit of shopping , pleased that the snow has gone.

I will  be down my plot today , must be 10 days since i was last there , i expect the cat and the birds will be glad to see me there are others who feed them .

Got a few days of rain now roll on Spring.

Time for tea bye.



Hello everyone cold ain’t it, at the moment it is snowing quite heavily and as it’s already on the pavements it will add further problems for us old un’s.

I have come out in my all in one suit, it’s really for fishing but because it’s fleece lined and goes from ankles to the head, (with Hood) i’d say i’m just about covered, even been wearing it indoors , recommend buying one, Anglers shop.

This weather has set me back with regards to getting any work done on the plot and in my garden, everything was in advance lots of bulbs in bloom hope they survive .

Time for tea , bye see you all next wednesday.


About nothing in particular

Hello Everyone I’m back,

Another week has gone by and if your interested i’ll tell you what i have been up to.

Working back from today, arrived at the Whitmore a bit late , had to go to the opticians, came out £130 lighter but got 4 pairs of glasses and a pair for the sun, lets hope we get lots so i can make good use of them.

Tuesday was a home day with washing machine n hoover just as well because it rained all day.

Monday, another day on the plot took my little rotavator to turn the soil over worked quite well till the cord that starts it would’nt return to it’s housing so no more tilling for a while, hey ho back to the fork and spade.

W/end, pretty much of it spent on the plot , as i said last week my daffs are blooming as are lots of other things it’s looking good folks.

Time i had a cup of coffee so i will finish up.

Talk to you, (you thats listening) next time i’m at the Whitmore.

Bye John.


Came out this morning and the Sun was switched on for me this is good,i don’t mind the cold, but the Sun makes me feel good.

Lots of things to do today and i will enjoying doing them, i am at the  Whitmore at the moment and that’s a good start, it’s nice here.

Start with a cup of coffee this activates the brain cells and they need activating, then a look at whats been published in the post.

Do a bit of Googling find out what i need to know and maybe look at stuff i am thinking of purchasing.

Later today i will be visiting my allotment picking up some bulbs and seeds on the way.

Been busy patching up things that have come adrift over the winter, have done a lot of digging, this is needed readying for Spring but it will help to reduce my waist line.

Well that’s it for now , i’m off to Google Bye for now.


Waiting for Spring

Well my Daffs are out , we have some lovely sunny days and i’m looking to an early Spring , i think when this cold weather ends we will get it.

Have been doing a little work in the garden, pruning and cutting down quite a large a tree still digging up Jerusalem Artichokes .

This cold Weather not holding up getting on with things ,think i’d rather the cold than the rain at least you can dig but to much rain and your walking around with pounds of mud on yer wellies.

Another sunny start to the day so a good day for getting out and about.

Bye John J

this may interest you

Well this may interest you, then again maybe not.

Last time i posted i mentioned planting tomato seeds , well they are up and running and  about an inch high, the other seeds take a little longer.