Good morning to all my fellow bloggers.

First of all I wish you all a very Happy Easter, and have a very happy time.

I would Like to Thank Josh for the lovely Birthday cake he made for his Birthday,and wish him many more Happy Birthdays.

I will be unable to attend the podcast  to-morrow regarding the topic What makes you Happy.

First of all what makes me Happy is to have my family around me including my wonderful five Grand-Children.

Also coming to our dropin 50plus group on wednesday mornings, and to see how everybody is progressing with their lessons, and see how happy they all our.

The Snow has fallen in Hackney

Good morning to you all who have made it to our IT class this morning.

When you are out and about be very careful, and make sure you are wrapped up warm. I would like to thank the volunteers who came to help us this morning.

On my way here this morning I took a photograph of the regents canel which is frozen over, so the boats are not going anywhere.

Just has I am blogging it is snowing again.

Word Processing

Good morning to all IT people at our drop in class this morning.

Last week I was shown how to do word processing which was very interesting, with one of the volunteers by the name of Mark. I shall have to have a few more lessons to master this subject.I really enjoy coming to my weekly classes, and we have a very nice cross section of people from Hackney. Our classes are always well attended even in the winter months.

from Patricia.

New Year 2018

To all my ICTdrop -in friends. First of all a Very Happy New Year 2018. to you all. and good health to you all. I am sure 2018 will also be a very  good year for us all to learn more IT skills.

from Patricia.

Update on my Blog

Good morning to you all at Whitmore Community Centre.

The morning drop-in Whitmore community Centre is a very nice place to come to learn all about how to use a computer  also to use a lap-top and a tablet. We have  a team of volunteers to help new people when they first come to learn about IT.

The classes are held every Wednesday morning from 10.am until 1.pm.

First Year Anniversary

Good morning to all at the Whitmore community centre in Phillip Street Hackney N1.

I am writing to tell everybody at Whitmore how much I enjoy coming on a Wednesday morning each week to use the Laptop and check my inbox so that I can send my e-mails to Family and Friends.

Also the people who came here are very nice and I also like to help new people when I can. I am sending my congratulations to the team that run this event.

Best wishes from Patricia