Dementia Music Player Launched

Dementia Player 2

I have written an app for playing Music for dementia users.
It is now on Google Play, for Android mobiles called Dementia Player.
Dementia Player.1 is for older android mobiles and tablets.

Dementia Player.2 is for the ones with Kitkat (4.4) operating system or later.

Explanation is on the web site.

Once set up, dementia users can press a flashing coloured square and get one of 9 songs, of their choice.
It is free to use, asking people if they like it to donate to the Alzheimer’s Society UK.

Add a Photograph to your telephone numbers and Contacts

Phone book with pictures

For Apple

  1. Launch the Phone app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the contact name that you’d like to add a photo for.
  3. Tap on the Edit button in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Tap on Add Photo.
  5. Either take a new photo or tap on Choose Photo to open your Camera Roll to pick an existing one.
  6. Find the photo you’d like to use for your contact in your Camera Roll.
  7. Position the photo like you want it and tap on Choose at the bottom when you’re done.
  8. Tap Done on the contact card to save your changes.

For Android

  1. Pick the Phone app, Pick the contacts icon
  2. Choose EDIT and tap the blank photo space in the upper left corner.
  3. Press USE CAMERA or GALLERY to add the picture.
  4. Adjust the photo in the square to correctly crop the picture.
  5. Press DONE to save the changes.
  6. The contacts photo will appear in contacts and phone book against the phone number.

Hint for those people with a mobile phone

You can also use it to transfer data between a  laptop and the phone as well!

I have bought a USB extension cable for one pound at the overflow shop in Mare Street.

This is 5 metres long and enables me to put my phone on charge on the nearest table, rather than on the floor next to the nearest power socket.

The USB lead you get with the phone is usually only 1 metre long, so everyone puts their phone on charge near the socket. This leads to people stepping on it and damaging the socket when it gets accidentally pulled out.

Putting the extension cable in the charger and the other end having a socket to take the charger cable (this works for Apple as well as other Android phones) gives you plenty of cable to put it safely on a table or out of the way.

Visit to AcTo Dementia

This is a website from Sheffield University which is  looking  into touch screen applications for dementia users.

There is a number of recommended apps.

There is also a forum, which I have joined, to communicate with the researchers, as it only had two messages in it. I doubled the number of messages about apps by listing the two apps I have been looking at and tested with my wife Elly who has dementia.

I would ask other drop-in users to use the site and make suggestions as to how apps could be developed.

Most commercial apps include distracting adds which take over and confuse the user. They also include in-app purchases which can cost and confuse the user. I know they have to make money, but a simple purchase up front or free would be the better options for dementia users.

Results of the Hackney Icare Website users Survey

6 People in the Dropin Centre visited the site  which is provided by the London Borough of Hackney for Carers.

The results were sent to Hackney Hackney Adult Social Care who run the site, but we have not had anything but an automated reply yet.

Answers for questions 1-6 on 6th December 2017 at Drop-in Centre for 50+’s
1. Did you try out the site?
5 out of 6 people tried the site.
Only one comment:
“It was very infrmative requarding current events. Please send me your feedback.”
“Yes, simple to use.”
2. Did you find it easy to use?
“Of course I find it was very easy to use, and I’ll continue to use it mre frequently.”
“Only with a little help from experts Rick and Michael.”
3. What was useful to know from the site?
“Medical Centrs Abney Park Trust,Access to various Projects etc.”
“Things to do, places to go in Hackney that I need to know.”
“The things to do section is useful in its relevancy.”
“You can adjust the text size and other accessability factors on the site.”
4. What was missing?
“Really not much as a carer. I’m interested seeing Residential Care Home and much more.”
Address of places, but there was a phone number to get contact.”
“I drew a blank on askinging about digital photography or photoshops courses.”
“Any News articles, there are only two listed, the last on is 18th January 2017!”
5. Was it up to date?
“Yes, it was very much up to date reguardng Current events.”
“Some of them.”
“Seemed so – Hard to Say. 4 Corners Website – Gallery and Events wasn’t”
“Policies and procedures are out of date, last annual report is from 2015-16.”
“Under things to do, FAQ it quotes “Median Road Care Home Sam and Annie Cohen Day Care Centre”, these have not existed since 2013!”
6. Would you use it again?
“Yes I would continue to use it again due to the interesting information given the general public.”
”probably not the cost of the website could be better spent elsewhere.”
“I try to recommend it as the place to go for carers, but it needs to be more up to date.”