Never leave a true relation for faults

Never leave a true relation for few faults. Nobody is perfect Nobody is correct. Hackney is a safe place to live I have be liveing in for so maney years Difticuilies have every come to me. I make friend with people that come my way Now we have be carefuly with the teenagers We will teach them the way of God so they can follow the good way We are bless in Hackney

Is a new day today

To day  is my birthday and  i am very  happy to  see this day in my life   if god epress my life   i  will do meny  birthday  years  to come  today i will eat and dance in my  house  my friends will be  happy with  me  people  allway  celebrate  with me  my  childern  will  come   and  give  me good  kiss  they  will  being  good  give  to me