This is an ‘update’ – if you’d heard the news in the first place…

Here is proof-positive of the remarkable healing abilities of animals – dogs in particular.

A couple of Saturdays ago; as many eyes were glued to ‘a’ wedding on the TV, my little mutt (on the left in the picture) was being squished under the wheels of a Range Rover.

She spent a week stablising at the (wonderful) Harmsworth Animal Hospital in Finsbury Park:An RSPCA run hospital, as you may know. She was eventually to undergo an extensive and lengthy surgical procedure:The details of which, I shall spare you.

Her name is Bella, and she is well on the mend, if still a little affraid of crossing the road

Ever the pioneer…

How tickled I am to be here…misses,

“You can never step into the same river twice.” They say; and so it is with the ever-developing nature of the delights that Sallie and Rick strive to bring to the good people of Hackney.

What does it matter that there are new things to get one’s head around to people who have weathered many the storm on their journey here today?

Let’s then celebrate those journeys and the fact that ‘weathered’ they have been.

I, for instance, have retraced the steps of kings, battled with the multitude, crossed the thoroughfare of commerce and of industry – and wrestled with bears, to get where I am right now. And that was only this morning.

No matter what the future may hold – Bring it on! I say.

What say you?

Learning AND earning…

Not for the first time, today throws up a lovely surprise…

There are extra benefits to coming along to a friendly and informative social learning sssion such as the one provided here at the Whitmore Community Centre: As useful as it is for indivuals in Hackney, it is also a valuable resourse for local organisations that strive to make all our lives better.

Today, we are to recieve a visit from a represerntative of The Citizen’s Advice Bureau – they need OUR help.

Citizen’s Advice wish to test an online form they have designed to help people access ‘Priority Services’;to do with getting energy bills that are easier to read, and much else. The really good thing about this is that they will give a £25 shopping voucher to all who participate in helping them get their design right – what’s not to like?

Another year…and back into gear…

A very good new-year to all my readers.

How pleasant it is to be back – now that the day has begun: For, however quiet or rowdy the holiday period; a break of some days plays havoc with ones routine.

Today, by mere coincidence – no doubt, also saw the end of a prolonged spell of calm weather. I drew-back the curtains this morning to see a mature tree on the green had been blown over in the night, and heard the ‘buzz’ of tree-surgeons busy-ness in the park opposite where I live.

Nonetheless, many of our clients braved the conditions and were here bright and early this morning;ready and raring to get back into the swing of things.