Hackney Carers Centre

The establishment of the Hackney Carers Centre was a great invention and forethought  for senior citizens to learn how to use the computer and to be alongside the younger generation with knowledge in our advancing age.

I try to attend as regularly as posible where help is always available by the friendly, patient and understanding tutors. I would be lost without it. There is a social side to it too, as it enables all attendees being in the same boat, with the same needs to meet, socialise and learn together.

Venues like this must always be maintined irrespective of any financial circumstances which might encroach on the system.


Carers’ one off payments

“Carers are the bedrock” is the official slogan but should be changed to Carers are a pain in the neck as, from my experience, the system operators appear to be treating all Carers with a total disregard.

Since applying for an allowance in May this year, now five months later I am still waiting. If carers are entitled to an annual allowance,why should they have to be begging for it. Let’s all be grownups and act responsibly with dignity and respect to each other and send me the money.