50 things to do online

Suggestions for the digital inclusion drop-in

1. Our drop-in blog

All posts

2. Web search

DuckDuckGo Google Bing

3. Email sign-in

Seniors Gmail Microsoft (Hotmail, Live, Outlook) Yahoo

4. Hackney stuff

Advice in Hackney Connect Hackney Hackney Council Hackney CVS Hackney Empire Hackney Food Bank Hackney iCare Hackney Society Hackney Weather Hackney – Wikipedia Ministry of Stories Street View – Whitmore Community Centre

5. Health

Healthtalk Hoxton Health Lab Tests Online NHS Choices Patient.info

6. Internet security and privacy

Get Safe Online How secure is my password? Secure password check Password Meter How to protect yourself against spearphishing

7. BBC sites

BBC Home BBC News BBC Food BBC Earth BBC Nature & Wildlife BBC Sign-up

8. Video sharing

Vimeo YouTube

9. Inspiration

Age of No Retirement Campaign to End Loneliness Centre for Ageing Better