Ultra Low Emissions Zone

The Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ), was introduced in a limited Central London area in April this year. For instance Shoreditch on the A10. It charges £160 for each day if you breech the zone with a car. For Petrol cars it is those that does not meet Euro 4 emissions.

ULEZ Zone details

But it does not know your emissions, it is just guessing by the date of the car. It uses the registration number to issue the fine by spotting it on the road using a camera.

If you ask the website if your car, truck, van or motorcycle qualifies for a fine, it does the same guess.

For Petrol cars with a current MOT, your car HAS PASSED the Euro 4 emissions test!

But you have to register in advance with TFL the MOT emissions results, or they will issue a fine. This currently NOT possible!

This area will expand to all the area inside the M25, next September 2020, so every Petrol car will get caught with a fine driving anywhere in London, anytime of day.

Motor Cycles are not tested on their MOT, but you can request a emissions test at one of four test stations nominated by TFL, but currently they are FULL!

The cost of not registering is £80 a day, so it is well worth doing!

TFL will not take a complaint, so I have had to raise this with the Mayor of London!