Police Raid Indian Call Centre to stop Older People being Scammed

The BBC have published a report about the police finally taking action over computer fraud.

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Its main suggestions to people who receive a phone call about their computer being in danger is:-

“often they persuade their victims to give them remote access to their computers. Once they have achieved that, they move on to getting into their target’s online bank account.”

Never give anyone over the phone access to your computer – or your banking details!

“Don’t call phone numbers on pop-up messages which indicate there is a problem with your computer.”

These are undoubtedly fake, use a proper Anti-virus program if in doubt, many are available for free, which we can help you put on your computer or mobile phone.

“Always check out callers, especially cold callers who claim to be Microsoft, your telephony provider or internet service provider.”

It is not wrong to be suspicious, put the phone down and find a real number for the company that says they rang you. Wait 30 minutes and then phone them to confirm. This prevents people holding on to your phone line, and answering any call you make.

“The City of London Police said anyone who thought they had been targeted by a computer software service scam should contact Action Fraud.”

Their phone number is  0300 123 2040 Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm. 

If you are calling from abroad please call +44 300 123 2040

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