“I have never looked back”

Excerpts from a much longer conversation about retirement – with people who have done it and others who haven’t.

The voices belong to: Andreas, Brian, Cathy, Clarenton, Marylin, Nicholas, Rick.

We don’t use expensive professional equipment or a sound studio. This is open-mic recording in a public space, so sound quality is sometimes rough. Our resources are minimal, but we do it all ourselves.

Recorded 11 March 2019 in the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, London E8 3DF, UK.

Grassroots Radio

For our 2019 series, we have turned our podcast format inside-out. Instead of a small, invited group, we open the Monday afternoon event to anybody who happens to be in the Curve Garden glasshouse for any reason — and if the weather is good, we can take the microphones our into the garden. We sacrifice sound quality (you don’t have to tell us), but we gain spontaneous, unpredictable conversation — fresh voices and thoughts every week. From that, we can make a podcast episode when we have time to do it.