The Weather

OK , so i was wrong about Wednesdays always being sunshiny , here we are at the Whitmore and it’s raining , well like they say you can’t have everything.

Did i mention last week about the frogs in my pond , well there’s loads and the noise they make is loud ,another thing i noticed is whenever i go near them they all rush to what side of the pond i am at , now whether its to protect the spawn or just curiosity and they want to get a look at the strange species looking down on them is academic , mind you i could google it .

Most of my blogs concern things happening on my Allotment you say , well i spend a great deal of my time on it and there is a multitude of things ongoing.

Apart from the pond i have a feeding station for the birds , it’s nice to sit having a cup of tea and watch them there are mainly Blue and Great-Tits get the odd Chaffinch ,Longtail Tit, and i do get a lot of the larger birds but i tend to shoo them off because they eat everything and the smaller one’s don’t get a look in.

Robins tend to attack the other birds , to them the station is apart of their territory and the sparrow gets it the worst they really don’t like Sparrows .

Found another dead Hedgehog , think the Fox got it , lost one in the shed fire and one got into the pond and could’nt get out , don’t see very many Hedgehogs so i’ts sad when we find a dead one.

Time for a cup of something bye,