The new Hello Hackney podcast project

The next podcast series has started

The new podcast base is St Mary’s Secret Garden – usually on Tuesday afternoons. It is a new project, not the same project in a different location

  • The podcast sessions will be pop-ups, not drop-in events – so they won’t necessarily happen every week.
  • The smaller, more intimate, space in the Secret Garden will match our need for more contemplative conversations.
  • Some of the tightly-focussed sessions might be invitation only, and not publicised in advance.

If you would like to propose a topic in which you have a special interest or knowledge, please tell Rick or Sallie about it (or email to )

To keep in touch with the podcast project and its social inclusion purpose, please make sure we have your email address, mobile phone number (for text messages) or landline number. Email address is best if you check it at least once each week.

Where is St Mary’s Secret Garden?

  • 50 Pearson Street, E2 8EL
  • On the corner of Pearson St and Appleby St (5 minute walk from Whitmore Community Centre)
  • Bus stops: Pearson St or Geffrye Museum
  • Train station: Hoxton
  • Map: