Social Communicationlists
SOCOM for short
Definition: Skype groups set up by people who feel socially isolated to have a chat with similar others.
Non encumbered by advertising, interruptions or public.
A Private group with a public purpose, groups members have to be invited on to the group.

Background: Communication has been proved beneficial by test groups, but I cannot find anywhere that has set up the idea of encouraging the use of them to reduce social isolation. This is the biggest problem for carers.
1. You need a permanent platform, i.e., somewhere to sit and chat privately.
2. You need an email address as well as Skype, to set up an ID and communicate outside the Skype group to set up times to chat etc. Please be able to respond to emails within a reasonable time.
3. You need a Skype account, which is free if you operate from Broadband or WiFi. Mobile accounts will charge you for the data you use (which is considerable).
4. The software is free. It is available for Apple and Android as well as Linux and Windows PC.
5. You need someone to act as the “Host”, to make sure the other members can connect to each other.
6. Skype is a video conversation so you will need a camera on the computer you use.
7. The rest of the rules is up to you.

Anyone interested in setting one up should contact Stephen Adams at