End-of-year Party: Friday 21 December

Celebrate survival — one more year

Friday afternoon, 2 pm, 21 December, at Whitmore Community Centre

What sort of party?

Look at some of the party videos on page Blasts from the Past — they just happened naturally — so that is what we have in mind at the moment.

Who is invited?

  • You and everybody else — past, present and future droppers-in, podcasters, volunteers, helpers, friends, family 🙂

Is party booze allowed?

  • WCC management say: “Yes – but don’t make a mess, and please take your bottles away with you”.

Got questions? Want more information?

  • Send an email to party@hellohackney.net

By the way …

  • Don’t confuse this party with other events you may have heard about in the same week, but not on Friday