Came out this morning and the Sun was switched on for me this is good,i don’t mind the cold, but the Sun makes me feel good.

Lots of things to do today and i will enjoying doing them, i am at the  Whitmore at the moment and that’s a good start, it’s nice here.

Start with a cup of coffee this activates the brain cells and they need activating, then a look at whats been published in the post.

Do a bit of Googling find out what i need to know and maybe look at stuff i am thinking of purchasing.

Later today i will be visiting my allotment picking up some bulbs and seeds on the way.

Been busy patching up things that have come adrift over the winter, have done a lot of digging, this is needed readying for Spring but it will help to reduce my waist line.

Well that’s it for now , i’m off to Google Bye for now.