Connect Hackney Digital Survey

Connect Hackney - Ageing BetterHow to help the drop-in (and maybe win an iPad)

We are asking everybody to complete this survey. It would definitely help our struggle to keep the drop-in open — and you might win an iPad!

In Connect Hackney’s own words …

Are you a Hackney resident aged over 60 with something to say – good or bad – about using digital technology, like mobile phones, computers and the internet?

Connect Hackney is a Big Lottery funded programme, aimed at improving the wellbeing of people aged over 50 by preventing loneliness and isolation.

We know that digital technology can play a role in helping people to stay in touch with friends and family and find out about local activities and opportunities to meet people. Feedback from the older people we’ve talked to – and wider research – shows that older people have very mixed views about using technology.

Some people like it and use technology as part of their day to day lives. Other people would like to use technology more, but are unsure and a bit anxious about using it. Some older people are not interested at all.

We would like to spend some of the money we’ve got from the Big Lottery Fund on providing more help for people aged 60 plus who want to improve their use of technology. We’ve got some ideas about the sort of things that might be helpful – but we would like to hear from Hackney’s over 60s to find out what might be stopping people from learning about the new digital world – apps, smartphones, Skype, email etc. This will help us to think about what might be the best way to help people feel more confident about using technology in their day to day lives.

To help us to finalise our ideas, please could you help by filling out this short survey. There is a chance to win an IPad and case, as all completed surveys will be entered into a prize draw.

It doesn’t have to be online

If you are one of the many people are uncomfortable doing this sort of thing on a screen, we have a more familiar way. You can fill in a paper form instead. It’s easier to read and understand. If you do it on paper, you will be sure that your answers truly reflect your opinions, and you will spend less time doing it.

If you are in a hurry, you could take the paper form away with you, and send it in later using the stamped, addressed envelope provided by Connect Hackney.

So if you are a Hackney resident and aged 60 or over (both are important) …

  • Please come to Whitmore Community Centre to fill in, or take away, the paper form — on Wednesday morning or Friday afternoon
  • If you would like to have the paper form but can’t get to Whitmore Community Centre while we are there, please contact us so we can talk about reaching you some other way
  • or

Do the online survey now