Broken bisquits

Broken bisquits, now that takes me back a bit.

When i was much younger and not long after i had left school, i went to work for British Rail at their Goods depot in Park Royal and worked as a tailboard monkey, correct name being vanboy.

One particular lorrydriver i worked with made pick-ups from Mc Vitie and Price the famous bisquit maker, not all their bisquits made it to the shops because they got broke and on Fridays these were sold to their staff and as we were regular visitors to the factory we were allowed to buy them too.

They came in a big brown paper bag and i would say there was a couple of pound of assorted broken bisquits.

Now this being early 50s sweet things were still on ration so it was nice to take them home for the family.

So much for this flash back and on to today.

Well it a beautiful sunny morning, hope it stays like it,

for i shall be off to the plot, get meself muddied up and sow some more seeds.

Noticed last time i was there the gooseberry bush had started to green up, it’s always nice to see this because you know that things a waking up after winters long sleep its a good feeling.

Tea time so bye for now talk to you again next week.