About nothing in particular

Hello Everyone I’m back,

Another week has gone by and if your interested i’ll tell you what i have been up to.

Working back from today, arrived at the Whitmore a bit late , had to go to the opticians, came out £130 lighter but got 4 pairs of glasses and a pair for the sun, lets hope we get lots so i can make good use of them.

Tuesday was a home day with washing machine n hoover just as well because it rained all day.

Monday, another day on the plot took my little rotavator to turn the soil over worked quite well till the cord that starts it would’nt return to it’s housing so no more tilling for a while, hey ho back to the fork and spade.

W/end, pretty much of it spent on the plot , as i said last week my daffs are blooming as are lots of other things it’s looking good folks.

Time i had a cup of coffee so i will finish up.

Talk to you, (you thats listening) next time i’m at the Whitmore.

Bye John.