To whom it may concern!

Hello there! I think it would be a good initiative for us, as a group to get together over a cup of tea and biscuits in a social environment. we could discus important and relevant issues. I think this could spice up the drop-in session.

For me, the drop-in sessions is like a second home and family. On my arrival, I always get a cup of tea with biscuits in a very social environment.

I did not know much about computers, lap top, tablets, mobile phone, Etc.. but since I joined the 50+drop in, I’ve gained a considerable knowledge of IT.

Today I made a 50+drop-in blog post with a blog account, and log in details.

  • user name
  • login password
  • The blog web address
  • My blog profile image (photo).

I made a banana cake on the day which I took to the 50+drop-in centre and gave it to my colleagues. I published a blog message received regarding the compliment for such nutritious cake.

Today! I bring my own device-mobile phone,Laptop,  and learn how to use them safely and sensibly. 50+drop in using the INTERNET is a community activity where regular volunteer, brilliant youngsters are present to help us in IT advancement.  Both Derek and Michael, to name a few, has been a great source of help and encouragement to me over many years, it’s about a social inclusion.

I would like to inform you, that I’m a professional cake baker and decorator, as well as having the knowledge of various cooking recipes. It would be my delight to give you the recipe for “chicken pilaff with veg” Thank you.